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3 Simple Ways To Improve Fleet Communication

3 Simple Ways To Improve Fleet Communication

Whenever your drivers head off in different directions, that collection of vehicles and drivers is your fleet. It can be as small as a group of golf carts patrolling a college campus or as large as 20 semi-trucks driving around Canada! When your fleet drivers are far apart from one another, you want to know that they can contact one another to provide updates. Here are three simple ways to improve fleet communication and make it easier for your drivers to remain in touch with each other and you.

Utilize Technology

One of the easiest ways to connect your drivers is to utilize technology. Drivers can utilize radio communication or incorporate mobile devices and signal boosters to reach each other in even the most remote regions.

Prepare a Written Strategy

A simple way to improve fleet communication is to put it in writing. Consider creating a clear strategy regarding communication rules, procedures, and etiquette. If everybody knows and understands the rules, then conversations will be smooth when your fleet is talking to each other or reporting to headquarters while on the road. Every driver should have a written copy of the communication strategy in their cabin so they can consult it when necessary.

Implement Driver Feedback

Good communication means everybody has an opportunity to voice their concerns. Your drivers put in the most work, so they can come up with ideas on what works and what doesn't. Encourage your drivers to provide feedback on how you can improve communication techniques. When you're willing to listen, you can create a more engaging dialogue and a more welcoming work environment.

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