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Benefits of a Cell Phone Booster for Your Basement

Benefits of a Cell Phone Booster for Your Basement

If you like to walk and talk, you've probably noticed that some areas in your home turn a pleasant call into a spotty connection. Sometimes, they even spontaneously end calls for you. Compared to other rooms in your house, basements most commonly cause cell signal issues. Their underground location makes it difficult to align with a cell tower’s sight, hindering signals. Plus, the denser the surrounding area, the more likely the radio waves get blocked from their path by other receivers and signal emitters.

Cell phone boosters improve and spread cell signals to your desired location, providing a range of perks. They work by capturing, amplifying, and remitting nearby radio waves. Various interceptors weaken and divert cell signals, affecting your call’s strength, quality, and success. Installing a home cell phone booster in Canada is common, mainly due to Canadian weather, isolated areas, heavily populated cities, and local geographic features interfering with cell signals. There are numerous advantages to installing a cell phone booster for your home and basement, improving your communication and call experience. Here are a couple of benefits of a cell phone booster for your basement and why you should consider investing in one.

Decreases Dropped or Interfered Calls

Phones transmit and receive data from passing radio waves from other receivers like cell towers. Calls drop and get staticky as interferences occur, blocking or refracting radio waves from traveling to their designated endpoint. Signal interceptors range from environmental to artificial influences, including rain, mountain ranges, building materials, and large populations using the same network. Installing a cell signal booster into your space increases the number of radio waves that pass through these interferences and connect to their receiver.

Ensures Emergency Communication

Because basements lack windows, are placed underground, and are structurally reinforced, they are one of the best places to retreat during an emergency like tornadoes. Quality and strong cell signals make an important difference if you need to reach someone when you are trapped underground. Installing a cell booster for your basement ensures you can conduct and receive emergency contact when the time calls for it.

Maximizes Contact Zones in Your Home

Do you have a fully populated home? From children to visiting family members, homes fill up quickly. With numerous people sharing a single space, taking work calls or catching up with friends over the phone becomes slightly challenging. There is too much background noise, a lack of privacy, and crowded networks. Signal boosters amplifying your connection in various rooms maximizes the number of contact zones. If you need to take a private call or require less noise to help you hear the person on the other line, a boosted signal in your basement creates an excellent room to carry out your calls while others occupy the rest of the house. Multiple people can even make calls simultaneously with the different points of cell signal throughout your home.

Adds Versatility to Your Basement

Basements often serve the purpose of being an extra storage space for homes. Their underground placement makes them dark and cold, perfect for storing various items for long periods. Plus, basements typically provide a large, continuous, and spacious place for you to fill. Adding a high-quality cell signal to the basement opens the door for other purposes. There are numerous ways to use a basement, from work offices, craft rooms, and at-home gyms to spare bedrooms, laundry rooms, and kids' play areas. With your cellular signal boosted in the basement, you can continue your calls and receive them at any time during your daily routine.

There are numerous ways to install a signal booster for your basement. Cellular booster kits come in various forms, offering different uses for varying spaces. Signal boosters consist of three main components: an indoor antenna, an outdoor antenna, and the booster itself. Some of the differences offered by the signal booster systems depend on:

The Antenna Type

Internal and external signal booster antennas come in a myriad of forms. Each outdoor antenna provides a different path for receivers to travel to and from cell towers. Meanwhile, indoor antennas offer different indoor casts of the amplified networks within single or multiple spaces. Common indoor and outdoor antennas include:

  • Whips

  • Domes

  • Panels

  • Directionals

  • Omni-directionals

The Square Footage Range

Depending on the size of your basement, the type of indoor antenna you choose might vary. Whip antennas work best for single-floored and small rooms. For larger basements, dome antennas provide maximum signal space.

Single vs. Multiple Room Coverage

If you want to reduce the number of boosters running in your home, panels are an ideal indoor antenna selection. Panels are often used for commercial settings, transmitting strong directional signals across multiple floors. Whip and dome antennas are popular options for a single room. You can even use splitters to connect multiple antennas to a single booster system, ensuring each room, including your basement, receives the benefits of the signal booster.

The Mount Options

Both indoor and outdoor antennas come with a range of mount options. From poles to desk stands, mounts vary per purpose and type of antenna. Choosing the right mount for your antennas further ensures a connection and clear path between your phone and the nearest cell tower. Plus, it optimizes the signal you receive in your basement.

The Number of Phones Connected

Different boosters produce varying signal strengths, ranging from -30 dBm to -110 dBm. The stronger your booster, the more phones it can connect to the signal. When finding a booster kit fit for you, consider the number of people occupying your home or those with a phone in your household.

Improve your home and living experience with the benefits of a cell phone booster for your basement by transforming the space with added purpose. With a cellular signal in the basement, the higher the chances people will want to use the room, maximizing the entirety of your house. Calling, texting, and communicating with others anywhere within your home allows you to stay in contact with others at all times.

Benefits of a Cell Phone Booster for Your Basement


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