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Choosing the Right RV Signal Booster for You

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Choosing the Right RV Signal Booster for You

Nothing quite beats hitting the open road and exploring nature in your RV. But when you do this, remaining connected with the outside world is important. Usually, this means equipping your vehicle with a cellular booster. Take time to evaluate why you need a booster and research what’s compatible with your phone. This expert guide provides tips on choosing the right RV signal booster for you!

What Is a Signal Booster?

You may find yourself wondering what a signal booster even is and how it works. Signal boosters are essential for the RV because they amplify any cellular signal for a more reliable connection. This piece of technology has three main components:

  • Outdoor antenna: Captures the outside signal from the nearest network tower.

  • Amplifier: Enhances signal strength for your device.

  • Indoor antenna: Rebroadcasts a now strengthened signal for your phone.

Most experts recommend you mount the outdoor antenna on the roof of your RV to ensure the space around it remains open. Typically, vehicles use Omni-directional outdoor antennas because they search for a signal in all directions, so keeping the area open makes this easy.

And when it comes to mounting your indoor antenna, you should install it where you need the strongest signal in the RV body. For RV cellphone boosters in Canada, check out the many options at SureCall Canada. We’ve got boosters for single and multiple users to meet everyone’s needs!

An Important Note

Signal boosters can enhance a signal that already exists, but they will not create a new one. So if you’re too far off the grid or in a dead zone, the only solution is to drive to a new location. You may want to get out of the vehicle and walk around to search out where the best signal is. When you’re escaping a dead zone, have a travel companion keep an eye on cellular signals while you drive.

Why Does Your RV Need a Booster?

Understanding what a signal booster does is only part of the equation because you should also know why you need it. By noting its purpose, you can make your purchase knowing you will see the benefits. One of the most crucial reasons to outfit your RV with a signal booster is to increase safety.

It’s worth noting that a signal booster doesn’t just improve call quality but also improves data speeds. So if you’re trying to Google some camping-related questions, great data speeds come in handy.

Safety in the RV

Whether your ideal RV adventure is off the beaten path or somewhere in the mountains, you may lose signal. Various terrains and distances can hinder cellular signal strength. Remember, a cellular booster improves communication between your phone and the nearest tower; get a booster so you don’t jeopardize safety.


Ideal call quality isn’t the only thing you’ll need to remain secure on an RV trip. You should also tell a friend where you’re going and use that strong cell signal to keep in touch. Escaping a fast-paced life is relaxing, but you still need a lifeline or two to the outside world.

Tips for Picking the Right Booster

You can’t just buy any booster for your RV and expect perfect results because each is different. Some signal boosters are ideal for a small number of devices, so what you buy should center around:

  • Device compatibility: Ensure it works with your device and network.

  • RV size: You’ll need a stronger booster for a larger RV.

  • The number of devices: More devices means more network traffic.

Once you’ve noted each of these categories, you’ll have the essential information to find the best booster for your RV. For example, if the booster cannot communicate with your device or cellular network, it’s useless, so research is a top factor.

Evaluate Your Needs

Evaluate why you need the device. Yes, you want a reliable signal, but is it because you camp off-the-grid or because you have a large travel group? Since these needs differ, the booster for optimal results could too. Also, note that you can install some boosters more easily than others. If you’re having doubts, then contact an expert at SureCall Canada—we’ll steer you in the right direction!

Consider Where You’re Going

As said, location can greatly affect your signal’s strength, and this relates to safety. Chances are, your travel location is far from the nearest tower, which means your phone must work harder to capture a signal. Similarly, you may find yourself in a few dead zones, especially if you’re camping in the mountains.

When you equip your RV with a cellular booster, you have fewer limits on where you can go, so long as you avoid dead zones. Pack every trip with new adventures and check out new sites! You can enjoy yourself and know you always have a connection.

How Big Is Your RV?

Considering the size of your RV is as important as noting where you’ll travel because all vehicle RVs are different. What’s perfect for a small car won’t work for your RV. This is partly because of how the indoor antenna distributes the strengthened signal. It can only stretch so far, and since an RV is on the larger side, you’ll need a stronger booster.

Know How Many Devices You’ll Use

Another factor that goes into choosing the right RV signal booster for you is determining how many cellular devices you’ll use at once. The more devices that rely on the booster, the harder it becomes to rebroadcast a signal.

A busy network is one of the many things that affect your cellular signal. You’ll need a powerful booster if you plan to connect various devices to it and use them simultaneously. So, if you go on RV adventures with a big group, you’ll need a stronger signal booster than those who travel alone.

Finding the perfect cellular signal booster to equip your RV with takes time, but it’s worth it to make the best purchase. Have a good variety of choices, then read customer reviews and compare the booster’s capabilities with your needs. Travel location, number of users, and RV size will all impact what you purchase.

Not sure what booster best aligns with your needs? Don’t fret, and instead, contact the experts at SureCall Canada. We’ll help you find the RV signal booster that keeps you safe during every on-the-road adventure!

Choosing the Right RV Signal Booster for You


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