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Choosing the Right Signal Booster for Your Office Space

Choosing the Right Signal Booster for Your Office Space

You need excellent cellular service whether you’re at home, on the road, or in the office, but sometimes, improving reception is a bit challenging. Whether your office space is in a commercial building or currently remote like so many others, a cellular booster can keep you connected. SureCall Canada has you covered with all the must-know tips on choosing the right signal booster for your office space!

Understand the Different Antennas

Cellular boosters rely on an indoor and outdoor antenna; while the outdoor antenna communicates with the nearest cellular tower, it sends that signal to an amplifier to strengthen it. This booster then sends the improved signal to your indoor antenna, and it’s this piece that rebroadcasts it throughout the space.

As far as outdoor antennas go, the common types are Yagi and Omni directional antennas, and when it comes to indoor antennas, there are panel and dome antennas.

Choosing an Outdoor Antenna

As you dive deeper into the search, you may wonder which outdoor antenna is best, and truthfully, it depends on a few factors. Typically, business owners in remote areas get Yagi antennas since they point directly toward the nearest cell tower. On the other hand, those in cities and busier areas often purchase Omni-directional antennas, which search 360-degrees for a signal.

Choosing an Indoor Antenna

In most cases, a dome antenna works best for a smaller office space—or home office—making it ideal when you need to boost the signal on a single floor. However, panel antennas are best for narrow spaces and multi-floor buildings, so this is your indoor antenna if you have a large commercial space.

Consider Crucial Factors

An important tip to choosing the right signal booster for your office space is to consider all the factors. For example, larger buildings require stronger boosters since there’s more space and users for it to cover. In addition to this, you should also consider:

  • Size of the building

  • Building material

  • Current signal strength

You should also know which cellular carriers have a tower within your area as you consider these. If your office space is rural, fewer carriers may be in urban areas. This impacts the outdoor antenna you choose, as Yagi antennas point to one tower while Omni-directional antennas communicate with several network towers.

Buying a Booster

Whether your office is in rural Canada or a bustling city, the final part of finding the right booster is buying from a reputable company. All boosters sold by SureCall Canada come registered and follow Canadian regulations, so all you have to focus on is getting connected.

Whether you run a small business or something large-scale, get a cellular booster for businesses from SureCall Canada. Great reception keeps you connected to customers, making work even more efficient for your employees!


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