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Which Outdoor Cellular Antenna Is Best: Yagi or Omni-Directional

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Which Outdoor Cellular Antenna Is Best: Yagi or Omni-Directional

Slow data speeds and failed-to-send texts are annoying to all cellular users, but there’s an easy way to prevent this. By purchasing and installing a cellular signal booster, you’ll enhance the way your phone communicates with the network tower, thereby also improving signal. In this article, we’ll uncover which outdoor cellular antenna is best: Yagi or Omni-directional, so you buy the right booster kit.

An Understanding of Cellular Boosters

Cellular signal boosters, also referred to as signal amplifiers or repeaters, work to enhance your cellular signal. So, if you often drop calls, struggle to send texts, or otherwise have slow data speeds, then you may need a cellular booster; you can buy one for your home, office, or vehicle.

How Does It Work?

By gathering a deeper understanding of what a cellular booster is, it becomes easier to determine which type of outdoor antenna matches your needs. Looking to buy a cellular booster kit? Then shop at SureCall Canada, for a vehicle, home, or a commercial booster to keep you connected.

Cellular boosters improve signal with three main components: an indoor antenna, an amplifier, and an outdoor antenna. We’ll dive deeper into how outdoor antennas work as we explore which is best for you, but the main job of this piece is to communicate with the nearest cell tower.

Once the outdoor antenna captures a signal, it sends it to the amplifier, which boosts it. Finally, the indoor cell booster antenna rebroadcasts the now strengthened signal throughout the space. All booster kits are slightly different, so the number of cellular devices you can connect to them depends on the booster’s size.

Which Type of Outdoor Antenna Is Best?

There are two main types of outdoor antennas, and the one you should buy depends on your area plus how you’ll use the booster. For example, most recommend installing an Omni-directional antenna when purchasing a vehicle cellular booster, but this type of outdoor antenna doesn’t work for all buildings.

Yagi Antennas

A Yagi antenna is one of two outdoor antennas you can purchase to improve your cellular signal. This antenna aims its power in a single direction to zero in on a particular network carrier which often allows it to get more gain—a stronger signal—than Omni-directional antennas.

As explained, you have to install and aim for a Yagi antenna for it to function correctly. Location matters, too. Properly aiming the antenna means knowing where the nearest tower for your cellular carrier lies, and once you know this, you need to aim the antenna in that direction.

Who Typically Uses It?

Anyone can use a Yagi antenna, but home and business owners in remote areas buy these most of the time. It’s also worth noting that it has a 50 to 70-degree window of reception and can stretch up to 20 miles.

The Pros and Cons

The Yagi antenna is perfect for some since it has more power than an Omni-directional antenna while also reaching further distances. Due to these advantages, this may be just what you need as you search out the perfect cellular booster kit for your home or commercial space.

While there are many pros of this antenna type, buyers should also understand the cons of it:

  • Limited frequency range

  • Sensitivity to atmospheric conditions

  • Complex installation process

Weighing the pros and cons helps you make the best purchase, mainly because Yagi antennas aren’t the only outdoor antenna you can buy.

Omni-Directional Antennas

An Omni-directional searches 360-degrees to the nearest signal and targets various cellular towers while doing this. This makes installation on your property much easier. Likewise, an Omni-directional antenna could be your greatest asset if you struggle with poor indoor reception caused by building material.

Who Typically Uses It?

Typically, RV users, truck drivers, and other vehicle users trying to improve their signal purchase an Omni-directional antenna due to how it works.

The Pros and Cons

Omni-directional antennas are easy to install and may work great depending on your issue since they work great for those working or living in a building with poor reception. Despite this, these antennas:

  • Aren’t as strong as Yagi antennas

  • May become overwhelmed by too many signals

  • Aren’t ideal for urban areas

Most cellular experts agree that those living in the city or otherwise populated areas benefit most from this outdoor antenna type. However, if you buy an Omni-directional antenna, make sure you also buy a strong amplifier, so you can experience its benefits.

Which Outdoor Antenna Is Best?

Now that you’ve weighed the pros and cons of each, you’ll have to decide whether the Yagi or Omni-directional antenna best matches your needs.

Those living or working in rural areas usually buy Yagi antennas because of how far they reach. However, if you notice you only have poor reception when you’re inside, then an Omni-directional antenna is the perfect option.

Know Where To Buy Booster Kits

Buying a cellular signal booster is not as simple as hopping on the internet and purchasing one; you have to buy from a reputable company. Doing this not only ensures you get a booster that works, but also helps you obtain one that’s registered. Utilizing unregistered boosters is illegal and can impact a cellular network tower which affects signal strength for everyone using that carrier.

Shop at SureCall Canada

Check out SureCall Canada as you shop around for a booster kit that aligns with your needs. We only sell registered booster kits that work with all Canadian cellular carriers, so you’ll never drop another call. We have booster kits for cars, RVs, homes, and commercial spaces to ensure every user remains connected.

Hopefully, this article has eased the process as you decide which outdoor cellular antenna is best. While the Yagi antenna is great for those living in rural areas with poor outdoor reception, the Omni-directional antenna often works best for those in urban areas. Contact SureCall Canada at 1-888-389-5799 if you need help finding the ideal booster kit for your needs so you can put an end to dropped calls.

Which Outdoor Cellular Antenna Is Best: Yagi or Omni-Directional


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