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Does Cable Length Matter for Cell Signal Boosters?

Does Cable Length Matter for Cell Signal Boosters?

Whenever you invest in a cellular booster, you have different cable options. These cables serve the valuable purpose of connecting your booster to the internal and external antennas and transferring the electronic signals between them. One common question that many home or business owners have is if cable length matters for cell signal boosters, and today, SureCall Boosters is here to explain the pros and cons of different cable lengths.

What Happens if You Use a Long Cable?

Longer cables seem like a good idea on paper. One of the first things you learn about cell signal boosters is that you want to create distance between the internal and external antennas to avoid oscillation or feedback loops. A longer cable does prevent this problem but comes at the cost of diminishing returns. Because the longer the cable, the longer the distance that electronic signals need to travel, and they start to weaken after around 100 feet, so having too long of a cable results in an overall weaker device.

What Happens if You Use a Short Cable?

Shorter cables are good for power transferal and a good option if you want something with more power. However, as previously mentioned, having too short of a cable can create a distance problem between the antennas. Depending on the layout of your home or office, a shorter cable may be an excellent option to connect the booster to the internal antenna.

Which Cable Is Best?

Since we know that cable length matters for cell signal boosters, the obvious thing to figure out now is which is best. The RG-11 cable is a good balance of length and strength for residential or smaller commercial offices. The additional thickness of this 75-ohm cable allows it to maintain strength better than many other commercial cables while not losing power due to an extended length.

To learn more about managing and controlling your cell signal booster, SureCall Boosters is here for you. We have an excellent selection of cell booster antennas and helpful guides to get you through any troubles with maintaining a signal in your home, office, or car. For more information, feel free to email us anytime at


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