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Does Winter Weather Affect Your Cell Signal?

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

Does Winter Weather Affect Your Cell Signal?

A fresh blanket of snow dazzles beautifully when the sun reflects off it. But could this come at a price? Does winter weather affect your cell signal? Get the answers you desire as you search for ways to improve your cellular signal! Keeping connected to the outside world becomes all the more important as temperatures drop and the chance of winter storms increases.

Winter Weather's Effects on Cellular Signal

Let's jump right into things and investigate the question “Does winter weather affect your cell signal?” It depends on the type of winter weather you’re referring to when you ask. Although snow and hail can impact your phone's signal, this typically only occurs during heavy storms. (So, if meteorologists expect a bit of snowfall in your area, you shouldn't have to worry.)

The same is true for wind and below-freezing temperatures; neither should heavily influence your signal's strength. As far as weather goes, humidity levels hold heavier effects on cellular signal. However, if you have concerns about winter storms knocking out your cellular signal, then buy a cellular signal booster from SureCall Canada.

Pro Tip

Many people enjoy decorating their property for the winter holidays, and luckily these decorations won't impair your signal strength. While physical obstructions can interfere, this pertains to mountains, forests, and buildings; they block the pathway between your phone and the network tower.

Why Does Winter Weather Effect Signal?

Strong winter weather can weaken your signal by damaging powerlines or cellular towers. If this occurs, your phone will struggle to find a proper signal, especially if there isn't another network tower around.

Most of the time, this type of interference is indirect. For instance, if heavy winds knock down a tree and that tree damages the tower, your phone won't function properly. Power outages triggered by winter storms are another example of an indirect cause.

Improving Cellular Signal in Winter

Regardless of the time of year, the best way to secure a strong cellular signal is to purchase and install a cellular signal booster. The main components include an outdoor antenna, an indoor antenna, and an amplifier. The three must work together to boost your signal.

Pro Tip

Everyone needs a reliable cellular signal, especially during a freezing Canadian winter. You don't have to worry about losing communication with the outside world during a blizzard so long as you have great coverage.

SureCall Canada is a mobile signal booster supplier with various cellular booster kits for everyone from cottage owners to RV users. Improve signal in your home, vehicle, or commercial space with ease by buying the appropriate booster kit so you can enjoy a cozy winter.

Questions? Reach out and talk to our team at 1-888-389-5799.


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