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Easy Ways To Boost Your Cell Phone Signal Strength at Home

Easy Ways To Boost Your Cell Phone Signal Strength at Home

Communication is key, and a great cell phone signal is essential, as anything less makes interaction a challenge. If you’re often dropping calls or experiencing a poor signal, don’t fret—there are easy ways to improve mobile signal strength at home.

Evaluate for Damage

Before you do anything, check your phone for signs of breakage. If you notice surface damage, such as cracks from accidental drops, there’s a chance something also broke internally. Damage is possible even if your phone has a case on it.

Consider taking your cell phone to the store where you purchased it so an employee can evaluate it for damage by running tests.

Keep It Updated

Another easy way to boost your cell phone signal strength at home is to keep your phone up-to-date. When your provider releases updates for your phone's software, accept them, or you could run into technical problems down the line.

These updates correct bugs within the software that may be at the root of your signal problems, so regularly check for recent updates by going into your settings. The settings location differs depending on what brand of phone you have.

Get a Phone Signal Booster

Perhaps the problem isn’t your phone at all, but a result of a weak signal. Buying a cellular booster is one of the most effective ways to improve mobile strength at home. Weak signal typically occurs when you encounter the following:

  • Are too far away from a cell tower

  • Have obstructions—natural and unnatural—blocking the signal’s path

These issues are common in rural areas, and simply changing your location to enhance your signal strength isn’t always possible. Instead, get a phone signal booster for your home to improve your cell phone signal by strengthening its communication with the nearest cell tower. Consider purchasing a signal booster for your cell phone from SureCall Canada to resolve this problem with ease.

Change Carriers

Lastly, switch cellphone carriers as a last resort, as some companies have better service than others. Before doing so, check which carriers are in your area and where their cell towers are located to ensure the problem doesn’t persist.

There are various ways you can improve your cellular signal if you’re dropping calls or having trouble. There’s a chance your phone needs a repair or update. However, it’s also possible you need to switch carriers or live too far away from the nearest tower and need a signal booster. As you search for the best phone signal booster, shop at SureCall Canada for the ideal booster. Contact us with any questions by calling (888) 389-5799 or emailing


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