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How To Locate a Cell Signal Tower Near You

Updated: Jun 1, 2023

How To Locate a Cell Signal Tower Near You

When your signal seems to fluctuate between working and dropping, you may need to locate the nearest cellular tower. Finding the nearest network tower becomes even more critical when utilizing technology like cellular signal boosters. Read about expert advice on how to locate a cell signal tower near you so that you can further improve your reception.

Check With Your Cell Provider

Locating a cellular tower near you can be as easy as reaching out to your cell provider. An easy way to find a cell tower for your provider is to look at their online service map. Their cell phone towers map shows you the coverage area. Some even allow you to select and search a specific area to find a 5G tower closest to you. If you regularly have poor signals, there's a chance your community isn't in a coverage area.

Use an App or Website

Locating a cell tower can also be as simple as looking online. You can download an app or search online websites to help you track down the nearest cellular tower regardless of provider.

Some good websites to try include:

  • CellMapper

  • SCADACore

  • CellReception

Of course, if you'd rather try an app, many experts recommend downloading:

  • OpenSignal App

  • Cell Tower Locator (exclusive to Androids)

  • Cell Network Signal Finger (exclusive to iPhones)

With the right app or website, tracking down a network tower becomes no problem at all. And even better, since your phone is already on you, you'll have ready access to a stronger signal!

Buying a Cellular Signal Booster

If you frequently search for a stronger signal, you should consider buying a cellular signal booster. This booster has an outdoor antenna, indoor antenna, and amplifier, which it uses to enhance a weak signal for better reception. Once you've located the nearest network tower, you'll know exactly where to install the outdoor cellular antenna.

Keep in mind that the outdoor antenna you should purchase will change based on your area. For example, omnidirectional antennas usually work best for urban areas, but directional antennas are best for rural areas since they point towards the nearest network tower.

SureCall Can Help

There are a few aspects to know before buying a Wi-Fi booster, and we can help teach you what to consider! Shop for cellular signal boosters at SureCall, whether you need one for your vehicle, home, or commercial space. Now that you know how to locate a cell signal tower near you, you've already covered part of the installation process. Improve your call quality and data speeds today!


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