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Everything You Need To Know About 5G Integration

Updated: Jan 3, 2023

Everything You Need To Know About 5G Integration

Technology is always changing, and as we become more reliant on our phone usage, cellular networks need to keep up with user needs. 5G will be the next generation in cellular network technology to keep up with these needs. This will boost download speed and reshape the way we communicate as it will eventually work with more than phones. Discover everything you need to know about 5G integration to prepare yourself for the upcoming change in the cellular world.

What Is 5G?

Cellular networks currently use 4G, and 5G is the next generation, so to speak, in the ever-changing world of technology. 5G will help further connect users with the world around them by connecting to machines and other devices. This is vital to modern society as it will also speed up connections, meaning faster communication.

We live in a world where technology is ever-changing, and cellular networks need to find ways to keep users worldwide connected. Each of these generations in cellular network technology has shaped our society in different ways:

  • 1G: It began with wireless phone calls

  • 2G: Continued developing phone calls plus fax, MMS, and SMS

  • 3G: Focused on media streaming

  • 4G: Improved experience for gaming, video calls, and more

Like all the generations in the past, 5G will improve data rates, but it will also enhance connection with the technology we use regularly. Experts hope that everything from at-home smart devices to vehicles will use 5G to improve communication between devices.

How Does It Work?

Unlike 4G, 5G will operate with radio waves using higher frequencies, meaning better speeds and a more reliable connection. Due to these higher frequencies, 5G will work better in crowded areas, plus users will notice faster data transfers. In other words, you’re less likely to see those annoying loading screens when opening a web page or sending a text.

5G will offer higher data speeds around 1 Gigabyte-per-second, unlike 4g, which only provides 50 Megabytes-per-second on average. Keep in mind that many of the speeds revolving around 5G are what experts expect, but things could change once it officially rolls out.

It’s worth noting that while some phones already support 5G, it currently isn’t much faster than 4G since cellular networks are still perfecting it. However, 5G will have better bandwidth than 4G, meaning a better overall connection for everyone.

Data Speeds and Connection

There’s no doubt that 5G will mean faster download and upload speeds, but various factors could still impact data speeds and call quality. Additionally, 5G will use lower latency so that more devices can connect at once. While 5G will improve the connection for many—especially when surrounded by others using their phones—nothing’s perfect, meaning other factors could still impact speed.

Cellular Boosters Help

If the issue of slow data and poor connection sounds all too familiar, consider purchasing a cellular booster! SureCall Canada sells booster kits for homes, vehicles, and commercial spaces to ensure all Canadian users can stay connected. With the right outdoor cellular antenna, indoor antenna, and amplifier, you’ll see faster speeds in no time!

Do I Need a New Phone for 5G?

Since experts are still finalizing 5G, you won’t have to replace your 4G compatible phone. Another reason for this is that 5G is not its “own thing,” but rather an expansion of 4G, so your 4G phone will work fine for a while.

Who Benefits From 5G?

Although the great connection is important to all cellular users and will continue shaping the world we live in, it especially impacts specific industries, such as:

  • Manufacturing

  • Health care

  • Retail

These are some of the many industries that will benefit from this cutting-edge technology because they rely on communication and technology.


Many factories use smart-based machinery because it increases productivity and lessens the risk of error. With 5G, this becomes more efficient, and someday, experts theorize that engineers could remotely control these devices, making some factory work completely robotic.

Health Care

As 5G becomes compatible with other devices, the health-care industry will see better use of artificial intelligence, plus improved diagnostic images. This also means more treatment options, especially as it relates to surgeries and remote practices for safer procedures.


Many of us buy nearly everything online—with just a few clicks, you can have a digital shopping cart packed with new clothes. The hope is that online retailers can provide users with digital changing rooms with 5G, so you see how clothes look on you before purchasing them. This is a win for retailers and customers since it can cut down on returns while boosting customer loyalty.

5G and Society

As explained, 5G will benefit some industries more than others, but it will also impact society as a whole, specifically when we all have access. 5G promises a variety of exciting innovations for Canada. 5G will have a higher capacity than 4G, so more users can connect at any given time. 5G will also improve those cloud-based services that many of us have grown reliant on for digital storage.

When Will Networks Release 5G?

5G is already here, though not yet offered worldwide; however, the plan is to have about half of the planet using 5G by 2025. This is partially because the infrastructure necessary for 5G is costly, making it unaffordable in some areas.

This means you could get low band 5G, but keep in mind that the speeds are fairly similar to that of 4G since 5G has yet to become finalized. However, 5G frequencies travel further than that of 4G, meaning a better connection depending on your area. Other cellular users will get mid-band since those increased speeds are not yet on par with where experts have theorized they will be once completed.

Eventually, 5G will become dominant, but that’s still a few years down the line. Of course, by looking into everything you need to know about 5G integration, you can begin preparing yourself for the shift. Be sure to check out even more answers to questions about 5G in Canada.

When you purchase your 5G phone, get a cellular booster from SureCall Canada to ensure your speeds are always lightning fast. Communication has never been faster!

Everything You Need To Know About 5G Integration


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