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SALE!!! - $100 Off The SureCall Canada Fusion2Go 3.0 RV Cell Signal Booster

Updated: Nov 15, 2021

The summer of 2020 has produced more questions about Canadian RV cell phone signal boosters than any season in recent memory. We’re obviously excited about the increased interest and have decided to temporarily lower the price of our RV signal booster!

From today, July 15th, through August 31, the Fusion2Go 3.0 RV signal booster is discounted by $100!

fushion2go rv signal booster

What Can The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV Canada Do?

The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV is the most advanced and reliable Canadian RV signal booster on the market. It has 2X more uplink power than the closest competitor. That means that the Fusion2go 3.0 RV can grab and boost a signal from a farther distance than any other booster available today. And it has a lot more going for it than just its uplink speed.

More features include:

• Boosts talk, text, and 4G LTE signals for all major carriers inside an RV

• Reduces dropped and missed calls

• Increases data speeds

• Works with all major Canadian networks

• Works with all major American networks.

• Works in any RV, no matter the make or model.

• Improves data speeds and connectivity for more miles of uninterrupted coverage

• Receives voice and data signals from all directions via a bi-directional Omni antenna

• Boosts multiple devices simultaneously

• Built-in safeguards eliminate interference to cell tower

• Industry-leading 3-year manufacturer’s warranty

• Compliant with ISED (Formerly Industry Canada) 2020 regulations

• Designed to boost signal in a small section of the RV

• Auto-adjusting gain. No need to change settings via knobs or dials after installation. Ever.

• Extended battery life

• 60-day money-back guarantee

If you’re an RV owner in Canada and are constantly taking it places with poor cell signal, the convenience and peace of mind it brings can’t be overstated. A cell booster for your RV changes everything. Installing a Fusion2Go 3.0 RV transforms a traditional RV trip into a glamping adventure!

Can I Use a Canadian Residential Signal Booster in My RV?

RV on mountainous road

Yes, you can. But there are a few important things you need to know first.

Residential signal boosters and RV signal boosters are very different. The main difference has to do with motion. A residential booster is not designed for mobile use (mobile as in the state of being in motion). But an RV booster is. More specifically, a SureCall Canada RV RV cell phone booster is to be used while literally driving an RV, whereas a home-based booster is designed to remain stationary inside your home or cottage.

You can bring a home-based signal booster with you on an RV trip, but you’ll have to wait until you get to your destination before it will work properly. Your RV will need to be parked and unmoving to use the device. For stationary use, we recommend using the Flare 3.0. The RV booster, on the other hand, will work properly when you’re actually in motion, driving your RV, or while you are stationary.

There’s another important difference between RV and residential boosters that you need to know. When in use, the RV signal booster will boost coverage only within a limited radius of the device. In the cockpit of your RV, for example. But if you bring a residential signal booster on your trip and turn it on in your stationary RV, it will likely boost coverage throughout the whole vehicle.

It’s also worth noting that the installation process for these two types of signal boosters is not the same.

How Do You Install The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV Canada?

fushion2go booster kit

We get this question so often that we include here a summarized explanation of how to install the Fusion2Go 3.0 RV Canada. It’s not difficult. We’ve designed it to be as simple as possible. And it doesn’t matter what RV you have. The installation process is the same for every RV.

When you purchase the device, it comes with 9 components:

- a Fusion2Go RV Booster

- an outside antenna kit

- an inside antenna

- 20 ft of coax cable for the outside antenna

- 13 feet of coax cable for the inside antenna

- a 110 Volt power supply

- a 12 Volt hardwire power supply

- cable mounts and ties

- a weatherproof cable entry cover.

Even though we provide a summary here, always refer to the installation instructions included in the Fusion2Go 3.0 RV Canada booster kit when performing the actual installation.

1 - Install The Outside Antenna

You’ll need to determine where the best spot for the outside antenna is on your RV. It’s best to secure it as high as possible. Securing it to a ladder or pole is common. Make sure that you find a place that’s above the roofline of the RV. And remember that the outside antenna is omnidirectional which means you don’t have to worry about pointing it in a particular direction. Also, do not mount it horizontally or at an angle. It must be mounted vertically.


- If you can mount it on the driver’s side, do it. The chances of it making contact with things like tree branches while driving goes way down.

- If the ladder on your RV tilts at the top, do not mount the antenna there. It will not function optimally if you do.

- If there’s no ladder on your RV, you may need to get creative. Consider finding a spot on the side of your RV where you can secure an L-bracket (or the bracket included in your RV signal booster) with something like BHB tape. Make sure this spot is not below the roofline.

- Another no-ladder solution is to secure the antenna to your RV’s telescoping pole. If you do this, you’ll need to extend the pole when you’re parked and lower it when you’re driving.

back of an rv by water

2 -Create A Cable Entry Point

The outside antenna will need to be connected via coax cable to the inside antenna, so drill a hole in the RV’s exterior. Remember, this is permanent. Be sure to avoid things like gas vents, cables, and water lines.


- Make sure to do a soft install first. This means make sure that you know exactly where you’re going to make holes and precisely where you’re going to feed cable before you start drilling. Make sure you know the cable is long enough to follow the path you intend it to.

- We’ve seen some people avoid drilling holes by running the cable through vents and other openings. If this works for you and it makes sense, great.

3 - Run The Cable Into The RV

Self-explanatory. Remember, what you’re doing is setting the cable so that the outside antenna can connect to the inside antenna as indiscreetly as possible. Make it look clean and sightly.

4 - Install The Booster

fushion2go rv booster

Choose the right spot for the booster component. First, it needs a spot with good ventilation. Second, it needs a power outlet nearby. Third, it must be able to connect to both the inside and outside antenna’s coax cables. Consider all three of these factors when choosing the right location for the booster. Once you pick a spot, secure RV cell phone booster to the wall by removing the mounting bracket from the back of the booster. Once you’ve got the bracket secured, snap the booster into the bracket.


- Often a cabinet is a good place for this.

5 - Connect And Secure The Outside Antenna Cable

Screw on and tighten the coax cables to both the booster inside your RV and the antenna on the outside of your RV, connecting the two devices together. Don’t forget to use the rubber gaskets, caps, covers, cable mounts, and ties included in your booster kit during this step. See the actual installation instructions included in your booster kit for specific details on how to utilize each of these components.


- Independent of the booster kit, consider buying a quality RTV sealant. It’s really helpful in preventing insects, dirt, and moisture from making their way into your RV through the holes you drilled.

6 - Install And Connect The Inside Antenna

Choose the right spot for the inside antenna. Remember that the boosted signal will exist within approximately 10 feet of the inside antenna. First, it needs to be in the area that has the highest signal priority. This means put it in an area where you need cell signal the most. For some, that’s the cockpit of the RV. Others prefer the lounge area. Wherever you prefer. Second, it cannot be mounted horizontally. Only vertically. Once you’ve chosen a place, mount it using the accessories included. Now connect the inside antenna to the booster with a coax cable.


- Placing the inside antenna on a flat surface (counter, table, etc) is common.

- Some people mount it underneath a cabinet to save space. But don’t place it inside a cabinet. Or behind objects, for that matter. That will only weaken the signal.

- It’s totally fine to mount the inside antenna upside down if you need to.

- Some customers have found it useful to buy industrial velcro or something similar to secure the inside antenna so it doesn’t tilt or rock while driving.

- The inside antenna is detachable. It’s designed this way so you can hide it away when it’s not in use. Make sure to do this.

7 - Power The Booster

ac power supply

Once all three main components (outside antenna, booster, inside antenna) are connected via coax cables, it’s time to plug it into a power source. When the green light comes on, you’re in business! A red light means there’s something wrong.

Some RV Tips We’ve Gathered From Our SureCall Canada Customers

Not all of these tips are directly related to cell phone signal boosters. But we want to make sure that when you travel in your RV and bring your Fusion2Go 3.0 RV Canada along, you have the best experience possible. Considering these 8 tips WILL increase the probability of that happening.

Research Your Location

If you plan on making specific stops in specific locations, research them first. What accommodations do they offer? What’s the weather going to be like on the days you plan to be there? Is there anything about the location that might affect your itinerary or what you should pack?

Make A Packing List

Don’t throw your gear together last minute. Plan out ahead of time what you need to bring and check each item off the list as you pack it.

Loose Itineraries Are Better Than Firm Ones

push pins on a map

Don’t be an itinerary nazi. RV trips are also more fun when the schedule is more relaxed. Try to avoid ever being in a hurry during your adventure. This allows for pleasant surprises to occur and for your party to be much more relaxed and comfortable.

Bring Extra Comfort Items

One of the benefits of traveling in an RV compared to traditional camping is that you can feasibly bring items that you wouldn’t otherwise bring. Things like your favorite board game, your favorite pillow from home, a few movies to watch, a coffee machine. You get the idea.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Rain

A cozy evening inside your RV, while it’s raining outside, can be a wonderful time. If during your planning phase you find that it’s likely to rain on a particular day, so be it! Escaping the rain in your RV is much more fun than in a tent.

Venture Outside Your RV

Don’t stay in your RV the whole trip. Plan some hikes, lake swimming, meals at local restaurants, stops at historical sites, hit up a golf course. Things like that.

couple hiking


If you’ve ever thought about getting a cell signal booster for your RV, now is the time! The discount period for the Fusion2Go 3.0 RV Canada is July 15 - August 31. Any more questions about RV signal boosters? Reach out to us!

rv traveling through forest


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