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How To Turn a Canadian RV Trip Into a Glamping Adventure (Hint: RV Cell Signal Booster) 

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

RV Cell Signal Booster

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Despite the many travel restrictions imposed this year, glamping in North America is more popular in 2020 than in any previous year. Small businesses in Canada and the U.S. continue to materialize in scenic locations all over the place. If you've ever been glamping, you know what a unique vacation experience it is. Maintaining hotel-style amenities in the wilderness - what's not to like about that. And glamping accommodations come in many varieties. Covered wagons, camping cabins, safari tents, teepees, deluxe cabins, yurts, and treehouses. Yes, treehouses!

Unfortunately, glamping advertisements and articles often leave out one thing: RVs. Fifth wheels and RVs are absolutely perfect for glamping. And in one obvious way, they're better than all those other accommodations. Mobility. But in order for an RV to transform into a glamp-mobile, it needs one important ingredient.

An RV cell signal booster.

How A Cell Phone Signal Booster Gives You Internet In Your RV

When you install a cell phone signal booster in your RV, you reach glamping status. Internet and daily housekeeping are about the only things a traditional hotel room has that an RV doesn't. An RV has electricity, plumbing, temperature control, comfortable beds, a kitchen; all in common with a hotel. The primary thing a hotel room has that an RV doesn't is WiFi. But a signal booster adds internet to the equation, significantly upgrading the convenience level and entertainment factor.

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Fusion2Go RV Canada

But you're thinking, "Wait. I thought a cell signal booster strengthens cell reception, not internet." You're right. However, smartphones nowadays have a very helpful feature called mobile hotspot. This feature allows you to turn your phone into a WiFi hotspot anywhere you have an adequate cell signal. The thing about this function is that the WiFi it provides is not very reliable. In fact, mobile hotspots produced by smartphones are notoriously mediocre-to-weak. Connecting a laptop to your phone's hotspot, for example, is sometimes so slow that it isn't worth the hassle.

But installing a cell phone signal booster in your RV changes all that. With an enhanced cell signal, the mobile hotspot generated by your phone is significantly stronger. It turns into a reliable WiFi connection worthy of your laptop, Kindle, and perhaps even a smart TV. Now you're glamping!

Signal Booster for RVs

There are two great options for cell signal boosters in your RV depending on your situation.

  1. SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 RV

The Fusion2Go 3.0 RV is designed to cover a small area of the RV and boost the cell signal for multiple users simultaneously while the RV is moving or stationary. The kit comes with 2 sets of interior antennas, 2 sets of exterior antennas, and 2 power sources so you can easily move the booster from your RV to your car or truck depending on your needs.

fushion2go rv booster kit

2. SureCall Flare 3.0

The Flare 3.0 is designed to cover the entire RV and boost the cell signal for multiple users simultaneously while the RV is stationary. It comes with a directional antenna that will need to be pointed at the nearest tower once you have arrived at your destination. It comes kitted with high-performance RG11 cable for superior performance on the edge of signal networks.

the flare booster kit

Glamping Mobilized

We mentioned briefly above that the mobility of RVs takes the glamping experience up a notch, as well. It could be argued that traveling in a signal-boosted RV is the most exciting way to glamp! You're not bound to a single tent, hut, cabin, etc. You can go anywhere you want! Glamp at multiple locations on the same trip instead of just one. Also, throw into the mix the full hookups available at a KOA campground or similar site and there's no way anyone could say you weren't glamping.

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Mobility Is Great, But Boosted Data Speed Is The Key Ingredient To Glamping

In the Canadian leisure and hospitality industries, WiFi has become essential in the eyes of most customers. A recent UK study asked hundreds of vacationers what factor was the most important when selecting accommodations. 67% said WiFi. More than bar quality, location, or anything else.

This isn't a surprise. The type of person who chooses glamping over camping does so because they don't want to do without certain amenities, particularly the internet. And it's a similar type of person who prefers traveling by RV rather than pitching a tent. Certain comforts and conveniences are important to them. And installing a cell signal booster only enhances the luxury and convenience, taking the vacation from great to exceptional.

It's also worth noting that WiFi access fees are common at glamping sites. You won't ever have to worry about that with a signal booster in your RV.

11 Things To Remember When Glamping With an RV In Canada

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Perhaps this section could be expanded into its own article. But we want to include it here so you have the most important RV glamping information all in one place.

In all honesty, the suggestions we give here are pretty much the same tips we'd give for glamping in general - RV or not. Still, when you glamp you want do everything you can to make it a fantastic experience. Particularly if you're doing it on your own accord in an RV (which we highly recommend!) as opposed to booking a reservation at an official glamping property. Make sure you read these 11 tips before going RV glamping, especially if you've never been before.

As you go through our tips, you'll see that preparation is a running theme. That's because we don't want you to be stressed on your trip. More preparation means less stress. That's the headspace you want to be in on an RV trip. Failing to prepare always results in unforeseen problems along the way. Consider the following suggestions and have the best RV glamping trip ever!

1. Get an RV Cell Signal Booster

Believe us when we say that a cell signal booster is the key to glamping in an RV. Fast data speed (a.k.a reliable internet) is likely the only glamping ingredient your RV doesn't have. Once you get one in there, it changes everything. A conventional RV trip turns into a glamping excursion.

2. Know Your Location

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Research where you plan to go. If you intend to visit multiple locations over the course of your trip, research each one. Know the weather forecasts, what unique itinerary items each place calls for, what activities are available, etc. And know all your travel routes. Also, be sure to know what RV services are available to you at your stopping points. Knowing all these things beforehand saves money, reduces headaches, and frees up more time.

3. List Everything You Need To Pack Before You Open Your Suitcase

RV or not, any glamping vacation is worse when you forget an important item. List out everything you need to bring before you begin packing. Create a note on your phone, write it down on paper, whatever you prefer. Yes, it's another step that takes time. It's worth it. The peace of mind knowing that you brought everything you meant to is worth it.

4. Strict Itineraries Are Not As Fun As Loose Ones

Don't over-plan. An itinerary that's packed full of stuff to do every hour lessens the overall experience for everyone. This leads to hurrying. Rushing from place to place isn't a very enjoyable time. In fact, it's exhausting and much less memorable than savoring new experiences. On the flip-side, you don't want to under-plan. If you have a mostly barren itinerary, you'll waste what should be an eventful glamping trip. Somewhere in the middle of over-planning and under-planning is where you want to be.

This balance is perfect because it allows for relaxation and surprises in addition to what you've planned. That's the way an RV glamping trip should go.

5. Extra Comfort Items Are A Must

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By extra comfort items, we mean things like your favorite comforter, pillow, board game, coffee machine, movie. Personal items that add to the luxury of the glamping experience. Things that you almost certainly wouldn't bring on a traditional camping trip in fear of losing or ruining them. These extra comfort items allow your trip to truly live up to the glamping name.

6. Embrace The Weather

In the planning stage for a trip like this, normally you'd avoid days that are slated to have bad weather. But when you're glamping in an RV, you really don't need to. We're not talking about a pup tent or even a canvas tent here. We're talking about a very weather-resistant RV. In fact, the sound of the rain falling on the roof of your RV while you're inside, warm, and spending quality time with people you care about is second to none.

7. Venture Outside The RV

RV glamping is an incredible time. But part of making that time incredible is not staying inside the whole vacation. Go outside, explore nature, golf, eat at a local restaurant, swim, visit historical sites, hike, get some fresh air. Then, when you walk back into the RV, it feels even homier. If you stay inside the RV the whole time, you'll regret it. We promise. True, a cell phone signal booster in there might make it harder to leave. But don't be an RV hermit. Make memories with and without a roof over your head.

8. Be Creative And Adventurous

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There's nothing quite like glamping. If you've never done it before, your first time is bound to be a vacation you won't forget. And while you're at it, add some more firsts to your trip to truly make it one for the books. Have you ever gone to an archery range? Gone horseback riding? Or do you have a book that you've been meaning to read for years? Your new thing could be anything.

9. Remember To Slow Down

The whole point of glamping in your RV is to get away from it all. Try as hard as you can to not take your stress and anxiety with you. Leave the busy behind. The point of installing a cell phone signal booster in your RV and embarking on a glamping adventure is not to simply live your regular, fast-paced life in the RV. A vacation like this is best experienced slowly. Avoiding rushing to-and-fro with a busy itinerary. Slow down. Bring a hammock, set it up, and spend a couple of hours reading or napping. That's just one idea to help you slow down.

10. A Little Education While On Vacation Won't Hurt You

Museums, libraries, historical sites. In our opinion, RV glamping should always include at least a little bit of culture. Expose yourself to new information and enriching history by taking some time to see some of these places. Even if it's simply familiarizing yourself with some of the history of the location where you're staying. It will always be worth the effort. You'll be glad you did.

Another great tip is to involve a local library in your itinerary. Take 20 minutes at the library in the area where you're staying, check out a book, and read it over the course of your stay. You'll always associate the book with your trip which will be a fun memory, even if the book turns out to be less than stellar.

11. Don't Forget The S'mores

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If there's anything about glamping in an RV that's just as important as a signal booster, it's got to be s'mores. S'mores are just as important to glamping as they are to camping. I mean, come on. What's an RV trip without s'mores? You gotta have them.

How To Turn A Canadian RV Trip Into A Glamping Adventure (Hint: RV Cell Signal Booster) - Conclusion

Here’s a link to SureCall Canada's cell phone signal booster designed specifically for RV use. Have fun glamping!


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