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How Cell Signal Boosters Work With EV Charging Stations

How Cell Signal Boosters Work With EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are becoming more commonplace, which means more commercial areas are moving and adapting to accommodate these vehicles, such as public or commercial parking areas with accessible charging stations. Aside from providing essential power to these cars, cell signal boosters work with EV charging stations in many ways to provide a safer and more efficient experience for drivers.

How EV Charging Stations Work

Many people may think charging stations for electric vehicles work like any other plug where you simply insert it, and it's good to go. However, there's more to it than that. When you plug in your electric vehicle, signals go out with various pieces of information. Charging stations keep track of factors like how often people use them, how much power they put out, and what time of day is more commonplace for use. Having a stable cellular connection to record and send this information to the manufacturer headquarters is beneficial for any business focusing on EV charging stations.

Why Cellular Coverage?

You may wonder how cell signal boosters work with EV charging stations when much of the information could also go through Wi-Fi. Certain manufacturers work with Wi-Fi, but utilizing cellular signals has become more commonplace for charging stations in recent years. Cellular signal provides faster and stronger data transmission and works better with the information. Utilizing boosting technology provides better cell quality for users.

Addressing Parking Garage Concerns

One of the most significant advantages of using cell signal boosters with electric vehicle charging stations is a more stable connection, particularly in sturdy structures with weak signals, such as underground parking garages. By focusing on boosting the signal, such as with Canada’s first 8-band booster, reliable cell service is available for commercial businesses and customers, no matter where they are.

If you own a business or other area with EV charging stations and find yourself in need of cell phone range extenders for commercial buildings, SureCall Boosters has the products and services you need to get started.


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