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How Does the Weather Affect Your Mobile Phone’s Performance?

How Does the Weather Affect Your Mobile Phone’s Performance?

Because cell signals operate on radio waves, certain factors may cause disruptions. One of the most common concerns is how weather affects your mobile phone's performance. No matter which carrier you use, you will likely encounter some of these common effects.

Rain and Thunderstorms

Rain is perhaps the number one weather condition that may cause issues with your cell signal. Any atmospheric water, such as rain or fog, can disrupt, block, and absorb energy from the radio waves that create cell service. Moisture and humidity typically do less damage due to their density, but heavier rains may have the largest impact.

While lightning and thunderstorms might seem like they would cause problems with your reception, they're generally not much of a concern. However, lightning becomes an issue if it hits any vital equipment, such as cell towers. Still, the electrical energy in the air typically will not affect the radio waves that carry your cellular signal.

Snow and Hail

Like rain, snow and hail are weather conditions that may affect your mobile phone’s performance. However, because snowflakes and hail are less dense than rain droplets, the impact of these weather conditions during a light fall is negligible and not a major concern. Although, heavier snowfall or large hailstones may cause damage to network equipment, leading to potential issues.

Season to Season

Some may think the temperature outside affects their cell phones, but this isn't entirely true. While varying levels of hot and cold won't impact your cell service, you may find yourself with differing cell quality from season to season. The reason for this difference comes from fewer objects in the atmosphere potentially blocking or moving the radio waves, such as having a better signal towards the end of the year when trees have fewer leaves.

If you’re looking for ways to overcome the adverse effects of weather conditions on the quality of your phone calls, a cell booster may be right for you. If you spend a lot of time on the road and need to use your phone in poor weather conditions, we recommend a cell phone booster for your truck or car. The specialists at SureCall Boosters are happy to help, no matter which service provider you use. Reach out to us by phone during regular business hours at 1-888-389-5799 or email us anytime at