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How To Install Your Signal Booster in Your Car, Truck, or RV

How To Install Your Signal Booster in Your Car, Truck, or RV

Nobody likes being lost in the middle of nowhere without a signal. Accidents happen, and wrong turns are more common than people like to admit. Most people get told that one of the first things they need to do when lost or stuck on the side of the road is call for help, but that can be hard without a means to reach people. By installing a car or RV cell phone booster in Canada, you can take on the desolate Canadian roads without worrying about dropped calls or lost signals.

A vehicular cell phone booster helps keep you connected on the road, picking up and expanding the closest network in your range. Cellphone boosters work by capturing, amplifying, and broadcasting the nearest cellular signal into a space lacking a good connection. They do not create signals in a dead zone. Once you’ve selected your ideal vehicle cell phone booster, here is how to install your signal booster in your car, truck, or RV.

Install Outside Antenna

Vehicle cell phone boosters consist of an outdoor and indoor antenna, a power cell, and the booster itself. You can get a cradle signal booster for single users that acts as both the outdoor antenna and the booster. Set up the outdoor component by placing the magnetic-mount antenna on the hood of your car, preferably towards the back and free from any close obstructions. To thread the wire into the car, you will want to run and secure the cable underneath the door’s seal.

Install Inside Antenna

As with any object installed within your vehicle, ensure that the indoor antenna and its wires aren’t obstructing you from driving. Inside antennas should be placed near or on the dashboard. When placing the antenna, consider where you will use your cell phone, where your device will be kept, and any metals within four inches.

Attach the Booster

Boosters can rest anywhere in the space as long as they are well-ventilated, away from heat, and avoid direct sunlight. Common locations for the booster include under the seat and in the front console. Connect the outdoor and indoor antenna wires to their corresponding port, double-checking for loose cables. Just make sure that the wires reach the location without causing obstruction or safety hazards.

Connect To Power

Lastly, to complete your cell phone booster installation into your vehicle, connect the appropriate end of the DC power into a cigarette lighter adapter and the other into the booster’s power jack. To check if it’s working, look for an illuminated light from the power adapter after you’ve switched it on. You can further test your booster by taking it to a place you usually struggle to get a signal from your car.

Learning how to install your signal booster in your car, truck, or RV is quick and straightforward, making it an easy solution to adding strong cell phone signals to your on-road adventures.


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