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Tips and Tricks for Installing Your Cell Signal Booster

Tips and Tricks for Installing Your Cell Signal Booster

Proper installation ensures your cellular booster functions properly and boosts your cellular signal. However, if you’ve never had or used one before, you may not know the necessary steps for installation. When components like your outdoor and indoor antennas remain too close, the booster cannot function properly. We’ve put together a guide of tips and tricks for installing your cell signal booster to make the process quick and simple.

Installing Boosters for Vehicle

Cellular boosts for your vehicle come in handy whether you regularly find yourself on the road adventuring or you work a career that requires it. Mount the outdoor antenna near the rear of your vehicle along the roof. You should place the indoor antenna near the windshield to allow for enough space between both antennas.

Installing Boosters for Home and Commercial Spaces

When you purchase a booster for a stationary space such as an office, cottage, or home, the installation process has a couple of different steps, specifically when you’re installing your outdoor antenna.

Finding the right place for your outdoor antenna means walking the property to locate where you have the strongest signal. Mark this area discovering it, so you know exactly where you need to install your outdoor antenna for the best boost.

Your indoor antenna should be 20-feet vertical or 50-feet horizontal from the outdoor antenna to prevent oscillation. Additionally, it’s best to install this within the area you need coverage most. As you install the indoor antenna, mount it to the wall in the room you need reception.

Connecting To Your Amplifier

You’ll also need to connect the outdoor antenna for your amplifier. While some homeowners do this by drilling a hole in the wall, others run it through a vent or have the chord follow the cable for satellite TV.

In a vehicle, most people connect their antenna to the amplifier by having the chord go through one of the vents. If they have an RV, users may drill a hole through a wall or the roof for an entry point.

Understand the Types of Antennas

The antenna you purchase impacts how and where you’ll install it. For example, when it comes to outdoor antennas, you’ll have to choose between an omnidirectional and a directional antenna. A directional antenna must point towards the nearest network tower to function properly. An Omnidirectional antenna is best suited for buildings in the city with strong outside signal or in rural areas with no direct line of sight to the tower.

Moreover, the many indoor antennas will impact how the signal gets disbursed. Dome antenna usually works best for small offices and apartments and broadcast a signal 360-degrees. In comparison, panel antennas work best in narrow areas and typically have more gain.

SureCall Boosters Canada

After reading through these tips and tricks for installing your cell signal booster, you may find yourself wondering, “Where can I buy a booster kit?” SureCall Canada cell phone signal boosters boost apartments, cottages, commercial buildings, and and vehicle use so they’re compatible with every Canadian network. All users can get the boost they need. It’s time to enhance your call quality and data usage.


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