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What Causes Weak Cellular Signal Strength

What Causes Weak Cellular Signal Strength

If you frequently find yourself dropping calls, you may wonder what causes weak cellular signal strength; interestingly, factors ranging from building materials to your location could weaken your cellular signal. Understanding these factors allows you to uncover ways of improving your signal strength.

Building Materials

Various building materials interfere with the strength of your cellular signal by blocking the path of your phone’s radio waves from reaching the nearest tower. When this occurs, you may drop calls or lose your signal altogether. Some of the most common building materials that could cause this include:

  • Concrete

  • Metal

  • Glass

Users may find it challenging to get a proper signal when they are in the office as these materials are typically necessary for constructing buildings. Moreover, for this reason, some have difficulties getting a good signal in their car as the metal and glass block frequency waves and halt communication.

High-Traffic Areas

Cellphone users often find themselves struggling to make calls in urban or other highly populated areas due to the many users competing for a single signal. The more individuals posting to social media, texting, or calling, the harder it becomes for you to do the same.


If you live near a forest or other heavy vegetation, you may find yourself dropping calls since Mother Nature affects your signal as much as man-made obstructions. Various types of terrain and weather may affection communication between your phone and the cell tower. Some examples include:

  • Mountains and hills

  • Valleys

  • Heavy rain or snow

Whether you live just outside a forest or have one between you and the nearest tower, it affects your reception—more so if you live far away from the nearest tower, as distance weakens your signal by forcing radiofrequency waves to travel further.

Your Phone

Lastly, the problem could be your phone. A broken phone, or one with a low battery, often struggles to communicate properly with the tower. Similarly, a weak signal could quickly drain your phone's battery as it takes more power to communicate with the tower when your cellular signal is poor.

Understanding what causes weak cellular signal strength allows you to discover solutions. For example, if your signal is weak because your phone battery is often low, keep your phone charged. A simple solution to all these problems is to purchase and install a cellular signal booster as it amplifies the signal so your phone can better communicate with the nearest tower.

SureCall Boosters sells cell phone reception booster in Canada for vehicles, homes, and office buildings to ensure all users can enhance their call quality as they communicate with friends and family! By installing your booster in the best location, you'll be back to making calls and sending texts without the worry of losing your signal.


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