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Which Is Better: A New or Refurbished Cell Phone Booster?

Updated: Feb 2, 2022

Which Is Better: A New or Refurbished Cell Phone Booster?

When items are expensive, many begin shopping for refurbished versions to get the same product at an excellent price. We do this with cars, furniture, and even technology like computers and phones. As you look for a cellular booster for your home, business, or vehicle, it can be a bit expensive, and you may be exploring the idea of buying a refurbished one. Ease the decision-making process as you decide which is better: a new or refurbished cell phone booster.

Reasons To Buy a Refurbished Booster

A refurbished cellular signal booster is an item a customer bought and brought back; the manufacturer authenticates the product then sells it at a discounted rate. While the original owner returned the product, it doesn’t mean it’s broken. Typically, the original owner returned it because:

  • They couldn’t install it.

  • They live in a dead zone, so the booster didn’t help.

  • They didn’t buy a booster with the appropriate gain.

You don’t have to worry about damaged cables or indoor or outdoor antennas with a refurbished booster, as experts evaluate each component before reselling the product. Keep in mind that the amount of money you save depends on the size of the booster since each comes at a different price.

Reasons To Buy a New Booster

Refurbished boosters are only available for a limited time because the amount depends on what customers buy and return. This is also true as it relates to the different types of models. If you want the newest model of the cellular booster, then chances are you’ll have to buy new rather than refurbished.

Shopping Tip

For home, commercial, or vehicle cellphone boosters in Canada, shop at SureCall. We’ve got various kits with different gains to meet the needs of every customer. Plus, every booster sold by SureCall is certified for use in Canada!

Which Is Better?

You may still wonder which is better: a new or refurbished cell phone booster, and in truth, the best option depends on what you want. If you can find a refurbished version of the signal booster model you want, then that’s a great way to save money. Just make sure you purchase refurbished cellular signal boosters from a reputable company that checks all necessary components before reselling the product.

It’s also worth noting that you may not be able to find refurbished versions of every brand, type, and model. While you may shop for a signal booster to equip your SUV, you may only come across models for houses that won’t work for a vehicle. In the end, the right option depends on what you’re looking for and what’s available at the time.


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