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Why Are Your Calls Dropping and How To Fix It

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

Why Are Your Calls Dropping and How To Fix It

When you’re in the middle of an important conversation, a dropped call feels incredibly frustrating, especially if it becomes a common occurrence. We rely on our phones to communicate with others. Sometimes our only way to keep in touch with distant relatives is by talking on the phone. Thus, poor call quality can create many challenges.

Various external factors can cause dropped calls. For example, if you live in a rural area, you may notice poor call quality, but the same can be true for apartment dwellers in a bustling city. If you want answers to why your calls are dropping and how to fix it, then keep reading for knowledge from the experts.

Reason for Dropped Calls

As far as dropped calls go, finding the root of the issue isn’t always simple since you’ll have to weed out what isn’t to blame. Sometimes, a damaged phone could cause this since a broken internal antenna won’t function properly. Other common factors that cause an issue with cellular signals include:

  • Location

  • Nature

  • Building material

Understanding these causes is the first step in determining how you should best fix this problem. For example, if your dropped calls are related to your location, try moving around your property to see if things change. On the other hand, you may only notice issues during heavy storms, which typically means Mother Nature is to blame.


While a rural lifestyle can feel relaxing, it does come with a few challenges. Many people living off-the-grid have a weaker signal because the further you are from the nearest network tower, the weaker your cellular signal becomes. This is because the radio waves transmitted between the tower and your phone weaken the further that they travel.

A Bonus Cause

If you’re in a busy location surrounded by other individuals using their phones, you may notice you’re having difficulty staying connected to the network. This is because as more users connect to a single network tower, the traffic builds, which often results in lulls and slowed speeds.


Believe it or not, Mother Nature could be to blame for your dropped calls and slow data speeds. How? Dense forests, mountains, and valleys can all block radio waves by reflecting or completely absorbing them. This means poor call quality for you and, in a worst-case scenario, could result in dead zones where you have no reception.


Heavy thunderstorms could also impact cellular reception since they absorb the energy put out by radio waves. Additionally, weather patterns like snow could indirectly impact your signal; the snow itself won’t, but you'll face the effects if the storm knocks down a network tower.

Building Material

If you have a reliable signal at home but notice problems when you are at work or vice versa, then building material may be causing your problems. Various materials can impair your signal, such as:

  • Metal

  • Tinted glass

  • Concrete

  • Brick

These are just some of the many building materials that weaken the cellular signal. If you suspect this is the reason for your dropped calls, then try taking a walk outside the property to see if call quality improves. In the event that it does, you’ve found the cause of your weakened signal!

Phone-Related Solutions To Dropped Calls

Putting an end to those dropped calls can be a bit of a challenge, especially when you don’t know what’s to blame. It’s always best to begin by evaluating your phone for damage since internal damage could weaken your signal as much as one of the previously mentioned external factors.

Inspecting Your Phone

Evaluate the exterior of your phone for noticeable signs of damage. If you can spot something on the exterior of the phone and experience calling problems, then there may be an issue with an internal mechanism. In the event you notice no body damage, shut down your phone and remove the SIM card, then put it back in. This gives your phone a chance to reboot, which may be the solution to your problems.

If your phone shows no signs of damage and removing the SIM card didn’t help, you still have a few options:

  • Turn airplane mode on and off: This reconnects you to the nearest tower.

  • Reset network settings: This won’t erase data but reset network connections.

  • Check for software updates: Software bugs and other issues could impair functionality.

Sometimes something as simple as out-of-date software can cause issues; companies roll out updates to prevent this. While we don’t always love updates—especially when they change layouts or functions on our phones—keeping up with them is essential.

Solving External Issues

If you’ve tried everything and concluded that your phone isn’t to blame for the dropped calls, then the issue is likely linked to your location, building material, or one of the other external forces. Determining which of these factors is to blame requires a bit of trial and error.

You can utilize apps to determine where the nearest cell tower is, and if it’s over 45 miles away, then location is usually to blame. But if you notice your call quality is poor inside but great outside, then building materials may be absorbing the radio waves.

Cellular Signal Boosters

When it comes to why your calls are dropping and how to fix it, the best solution is a cellular signal booster. This technology utilizes three main components: an indoor antenna, an outdoor antenna, and an amplifier to enhance your signal.

Signal boosters come in varying sizes depending on the type and number of users. So, a business owner with a large space and workforce needs a larger signal booster than a small family would need to improve cellular reception.

The best thing about a cellular signal booster is that it solves the problem whether your issues are linked to network traffic, your location, building material, or another external force. Best yet, at SureCall Canada, you can purchase a cell phone signal booster in Canada for your home, vehicle, or commercial space to secure a great signal no matter where you go! Get a signal booster so you never have to worry about another dropped call!

Why Are Your Calls Dropping and How To Fix It


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