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Permanently wire your SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0, FlexPro or Fusion4Home 3.0 booster directly to your vehicle, boat, solar powered cottage/cabin or RV`s power with this 12V hard-wiring power supply option.


12V hardwire power supply kit for vehicle signal boosters with 18 ft cable and embedded fuse. Permanently wire your SureCall vehicle amplifier directly to the vehicle's power with this fixed 12V hardwiring power supply option.



  • Bypasses the need to draw power from the DC power outlet (cigarette lighter) and connects directly to vehicle's ignition or battery
  • Perfect option for users at cottages or cabins using solar 
  • Cable length: 18 ft
  • Includes embedded fuse
  • 3 year warranty



SureCall 12V Hardwire Power Supply for Fusion2Go, Fusion4Home & FlexPro