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Benefits of Owning a Cell Signal Booster

Updated: Sep 22, 2023

Benefits of Owning a Cell Signal Booster

Whether you’re regularly dropping calls or facing slow speeds, a cell signal booster is sure to help by amplifying your signal, and with better cell service comes faster download speeds. Constantly having little to no cell service is frustrating, especially with current lifestyles requiring more virtual communication—whether it be a text, email, or phone call.

Cellular boosters enhance cell signal and are easy to install, giving you ideal service without stress. Better yet, it improves your ability to communicate with friends and family by boosting the quality of your calls; it’s easier to talk to someone when you can hear what they’re saying.

The benefits of owning a cell signal booster go beyond simply enhancing communication; it works to improve your lifestyle through innovation by ensuring your phone is always ready to make calls. But before you can understand the benefits of improving your cell signal, you’ll need to know just what a cell phone booster is and how it works.

What Are Cellular Boosters?

As you begin considering your options for improving your cell signal, the first question you may ask is—what is a cell phone booster? What does it do? A cell phone signal booster for use in buildings or vehicles works to amplify the signal your phone receives.

Your cell phone works by communicating with a tower—if there is no cell phone tower around, the phone will not work. Rather than create a signal, a booster enhances the existing one. Without a cellular booster, your phone may struggle to communicate with the nearest tower due to geographical features or buildings blocking the pathway.

Moreover, your signal may be weak if you’re too far away from the nearest cell tower. There are various types of boosters, all working to amplify the signal your phone puts out.

How Do Cell Phone Boosters Work?

A cellular antenna includes three principal components; these parts work in tandem to boost your signal. These elements include:

  • An external antenna

  • An amplifier

  • An indoor antenna

While an external antenna works to pull in a signal from the nearest tower, the amplifier enhances its quality. Finally, the indoor antenna rebroadcasts the now strengthened signal to your phone.

External Antenna

An outdoor cellular antenna sits outside the building. Before purchasing and installing one, you should know where your signal is strongest when you’re outside, as it will help you determine which would be the ideal purchase: an omnidirectional antenna or a unidirectional antenna.

  • An omnidirectional antenna pulls the best signal from all directions and is best for those who already have a decent signal when they’re outside.

  • A unidirectional antenna is for those who don’t have a strong signal inside or outside, and you point it directly toward the nearest cell tower.


This component enhances the quality by communicating with the outdoor antenna and boosting the signal’s strength; you’ll likely need one of at least 60 decibels to improve your call quality.

Inside Antenna

Finally, the antenna you keep inside the home, office, structure, or vehicle rebroadcasts the signal that the outdoor antenna pulls in and the amplifier strengthens—communicating directly with your phone. The two types of inside antenna are:

  • Panel antenna: mounted to the wall and provides the strongest signal to a given area; it’s most effective for smaller spaces such as single rooms and apartments.

  • Dome antenna: mounted to the ceiling and delivers the signal evenly throughout the area it’s in.

What Are the Types of Signal Boosters?

The two purposes for cell phone booster are typically for inside a building or in a vehicle. Both types come in different forms that have specific components to help with each job.

In-Building Cell Signal Boosters

These types of boosters are for physical structures such as offices, commercial buildings, and residential use. They can come in indoor and outdoor forms, each with different advantages. As you begin your understanding of both and shop for the perfect one, consider looking at SureCall Canada for a cell phone signal booster that will meet your needs!

It’s crucial to install your antenna in the best possible location; otherwise, it will not give the best results, so outdoor antennas typically sit on a building’s roof since this placement ensures fewer obstructions.

An indoor cell phone antenna is a bit different, as it uses a form of two-way communication—enhancing the signal your phone puts out and then rebroadcasting it to the nearest tower.

Vehicle External Antennas

This type of antenna works to improve your cell signal while you’re on the road by continuously picking up the ever-changing signal outside. A vehicle external antenna exists for various automobiles and is weaker than in-building boosters. One mounts the external antenna to the car’s roof— it can be magnetic or permanent—while the internal component can sit on the dashboard.

Usually, omnidirectional antennas work best for this since the nearest cell tower will not remain in the same place as you’re on the go.

Why Do You Need a Cellular Booster?

Owning a cell phone signal booster comes with many benefits as you’ll have an easier time talking on your phone as the clarity increases and dropped calls lessen. Some of the most crucial benefits of owning a cell signal booster include:

  • Stronger signal

  • Enhanced security

  • Clearer calls

  • Longer battery life

With a more robust signal comes sharper call quality and, as a result, more peace of mind; frequently dropped calls add unnecessary stress to your life, especially when the conversation is important.

Owning a cell phone signal booster becomes especially crucial when you live in a rural area. If you live too far from the nearest tower, you may have a weak signal, which can put you at risk when you need emergency services. With a poor signal, you may not be able to call for emergency services or make your needs known when you are able to connect.

Improved cell phone quality ensures your cellular device serves its intended purpose and helps you stay connected with others. There are many reasons for a weak signal, including your home’s location, and purchasing a booster is the best way to solve this problem. Not only that, but they’re also easily installed and require very little maintenance.

Look at SureCall Canada for a variety of great options that will stop dropped calls and meet your needs as you search for a cellular booster for your home!

Benefits of Owning a Cell Signal Booster


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