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Choosing the Best Cell Boosters for Your Underground Parkade

Choosing the Best Cell Boosters for Your Underground Parkade

Nobody likes dealing with dropped calls. It is a frustrating experience when you're in the middle of a conversation, and your phone call suddenly starts cutting out or dropping entirely. Parkades are notoriously bad for dropped calls, especially underground ones.

If you operate a business or apartment complex with this style of parking structure, choosing the best cell boosters for your underground parkade is an essential step for the safety and well-being of those that use it.

What Causes Weak Signals

Many things cause weak cell phone signals. The most common causes are a long distance from the phone to the source of the signal or physical obstacles that get in the way. With an underground parkade, concrete, steel, and the earth all create an obstruction between the phone and the source of the signal, making it weak.

Why Cell Signal Is Important

Having access to stable, reliable cell service in an underground parkade isn’t always an easy task with all the obstacles between most phones and the towers putting out cell signals. You want to maintain this signal primarily for safety.

In the event of a traffic accident or some other dangerous mishap, people will want to call emergency services but may not be able to. If a customer, service worker, or bystander needs to, they should be able to call for assistance without leaving the scene. Above all else, you want a booster enabling emergency calls from inside the parking structure.

Installing the Best Boosters

When choosing the best cell boosters for your underground parkade, you want to consider all the factors. Everything from the size of the parking garage to the strength of the exterior signal plays a role in getting a strong boost. The Fusion5X 2.0 cell booster works well for large areas, and the SureCall Fusion Professional 2.0 is Canada’s first 8-band 5G booster, giving it greater power in areas with weaker signals.

For more information about SureCall cell boosters and which ones work best for your home, workplace, or vehicle, please browse through our catalog of products to find one that fits your needs. For additional details, don't hesitate to get in touch with us anytime via email at to speak to a trained member of our team who can keep you connected.


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