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The 3 Best Ways To Stop Your Cell Video From Buffering

The 3 Best Ways To Stop Your Cell Video From Buffering

Cellular technology has changed countless aspects of people’s lives. They provide people with on-the-go access to information, music, and video. On long commutes, in places without Wi-Fi access, or in scenarios where only one computer or TV is available, your phone and cellular data can save the day.

However, phones don’t always provide a smooth experience. Many people encounter extensive video buffering when streaming on their phones, causing frustration and untold animosity toward loading animations. Here are three ways to stop your videos from buffering when streaming from your cell.

Close Unnecessary Apps

Although your phone features numerous capabilities, it still has limitations. This means you should avoid keeping every app on your device open simultaneously. To make them more portable than TVs and computers, cellular devices feature limited abilities when it comes to handling data and running programs. Leaving multiple phone apps open simultaneously overworks your phone and minimizes the quality of connection you experience as your device tries to multitask and attend to each running program simultaneously. Closing unused apps lighten your phone’s load and task list, allowing it to focus all its energy on streaming your video.

Pause the Video Before Playing

Sometimes it just takes time to gather and manage the data streaming into the phone. Most online videos consist of large data files, increasing in size with high definition quality and different video specs, from sound files to pixelation. Pausing the video immediately once you click on it gives your device time to collect, arrange, and display all the information needed to run the video in one go successfully.

Improve Signal Connection

To stream videos, your phone uses a cellular network to transmit and receive the appropriate data. Hence the name, cellular data. Weak and slow signals affect how your phone receives and connects to the data and transmitted waves from cell towers. Weaker signals make it harder for your device to decipher the necessary information to stream your videos, and slower signals affect the rate at which your device collects the appropriate information. Installing and using a cell phone signal extender improves your local cellular signals, boosting the quality and speeds it transfers data. Better cellular connection eliminates buffering as it provides your phone with clear, strong, and fast signal connection and data downloads.

Cell phones and cellular connections go hand in hand. Without one or the other, you can’t reap the full benefits of cellular technology, like streaming videos from the palm of your hands. This also means that the type of phone and connection you access affects your experience. The better the device and signal, the more optimized your cellular experience becomes, stopping your cellphone streamed videos from buffering and other technical difficulties arising.


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