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The Reasons To Equip Fleet Vehicles With Cellular Signal Boosters

Updated: May 20, 2021

The Reasons To Equip Fleet Vehicles With Cellular Signal Boosters

How safe are the drivers in your fleet vehicles? Can they easily communicate with the outside world? If the answer is no, this is a big reason to equip fleet vehicles with cellular signal boosters. They offer a range of benefits—from increased safety for all drivers to better access to electronic logging devices. To ensure drivers can make a call to a client or your business when necessary, you need to provide them with a reliable cellular signal.

What Is a Vehicle Booster?

Vehicle cellular signal strength boosters boost your phone's signal in the car during cases where you may frequently drop calls, struggle to send or receive texts, or notice poor data speeds. Furthermore, you may have bad reception in the vehicle due to constructive material, weather, natural barriers, or distance.

Installing this in fleet vehicles ensures drivers that travel nationally or internationally across North America can utilize their phones. SureCall sells cell phone signal booster for cars, trucks, RVs, home, and office use!

What Are the Parts?

Cellphone boosters contain several parts: an outside antenna, a signal booster, an indoor antenna, and a power adapter.

The outside antenna is on the vehicle's outer body—whether it's a car, truck, or RV—and communicates with the nearest cellphone tower. Once it picks up a signal, the booster amplifies it, and the indoor antenna rebroadcasts it.

Why Are Vehicle Boosters Important?

Equipping vehicles with cellular signal boosters ensures drivers can communicate with one another, their employer, or emergency services if needed. This is especially the case with fleet vehicles—fleet vehicles are company cars or trucks that deliver anything from food to furniture. Poor reception limits a driver's communication with the outside world.

Besides communication purposes, drivers need to utilize their phones for delivery signatures or navigation. A strong cellular signal also allows drivers to access electronic logging devices.

The ELD Mandate

One reason to equip fleet vehicles with cellular signal boosters is due to the ELD Mandate which goes into effect in Canada in mid-June 2021. The electronic logging devices (ELD) mandate in Canada requires transport vehicles to install certified electronic logging devices to ensure on-the-road safety. This mandate eliminates daily paper logs and keeps drivers driving within their limit.

Don't allow yourself or your drivers to become stranded while out on the road—purchase a cell phone signal booster from SureCall! A high-quality booster ensures you have reliable coverage even in remote locations. Keep yourself and your employees secure on the road by ensuring all drivers have a booster installed.

In-Vehicle Signal Booster Kits

Option 1: Best for Fleets - Permanent Installation - Multi-User - Fusion2Go 3.0 Fleet

Option 2: Best Rural Performance - Multi-User - Fusion2Go 3.0 Max

Option 3: Best Single User Solution - N-Range 2.0


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