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Weatherproofing Your Booster’s Cable Connection

Weatherproofing Your Booster’s Cable Connection

After installing your residential cell signal booster, you may think you're ready to go. Unfortunately, the cables that hook up to your exterior antenna are vulnerable to adverse weather effects, and leaving them unprotected can cause them to break down prematurely. Thankfully, weatherproofing your booster’s cable connection is a straightforward process. With some supplies and a little work, you can protect your cords from all sorts of outdoor conditions!

What Is Weatherproofing?

As the name suggests, weatherproofing involves protecting exterior cables from the weather. Heavy rain can cause humidity to build up, which can encourage mold growth and other problems. On the other hand, cords sitting out in the sun for extended periods may weaken and the jacket can deteriorate, leaving the internal wires exposed.

Why Is Weatherproofing Important?

Weatherproofing your booster’s cable connection is vital because it ensures they stay in good condition for a long time. In order to prevent excessive damage or complete loss of function in your outdoor cables, you should protect them from rain, snow, and sunlight. Many connectors are metal, so protecting them from rust can also keep them in good condition.

How To Weatherproof Your Cables

The good news is that weatherproofing exterior cables is easy and inexpensive. You only need waterproof tape—preferably silicone—and electrical tape from your local hardware store.

The first step is to wrap the length of the exposed cable with the waterproof tape. We recommend starting above the coaxial connector and wrapping it around the entire cord. Wrap it tightly, and try to overlap the tape to eliminate gaps.

After applying the waterproof tape, repeat the process with the electrical tape. The waterproof tape will keep moisture and humidity away from the cables, while the exterior layer of electrical tape will protect the waterproof tape from the sun. This double layer of tape ensures your cords are safe from adverse weather conditions.

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