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Why Choose a High-Power Vehicle Cell Phone Booster in Canada?

Updated: Oct 4, 2021

When purchasing a vehicle cell phone signal booster, there are many things to consider. One important factor is the power of the signal booster.

The transmit power of your cellular phone is controlled by the cellular carrier network such as Telus, Rogers, Bell, etc. The serving cellular tower wants all of the phones and data devices to be received at similar power levels. The cellular networks will instruct your phone to transmit at low power when you are ‘near’ the cellular tower. The minimum transmit power for most phones is around -50dBm.

Think of the cellular carrier network as a conductor. In concert, the conductor that wants the trumpets quieter and flutes a bit louder. If the trumpets get too loud, then the flutes will be inaudible.

The Cellular network will instruct your phone to increase power as you drive away from the cellular tower and/or drive where the signal is blocked by obstacles like hills or trees. When the cellular phone is transmitting at higher power levels, the battery life becomes shorter and the phone starts to feel warmer. The maximum transmit power for most cellular phones is around +15dBm.

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If your phone is already at the maximum transmit phone and you drive further away from the Cellular Tower or drive were your signal blocked by obstacles, your phone’s transmit signal as received by the cellular tower will fall below the target power and eventually, your phone link to the tower will fail – the call will DROP!

Customers buy vehicle cell phone boosters because they travel to areas where the phone calls drop. Even a low power vehicle booster usually provides improvement because it connects to a high gain antenna on the vehicle roof. The better vehicle boosters have higher uplink power!

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The SureCall Fusion2Go 3.0 has the highest uplink power in Canada +26dBm for 4G/LTE. That is double the power of one competitor’s most popular vehicle booster.

As a user in Canada its important to understand that SureCall’s highest uplink power does not mean more bars on your phone. SureCall’s highest uplink power means your calls stay connected to the cellular tower resulting in fewer dropped calls and maintaining connections further from the cellular tower.


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